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There are many confusing, contradictory, and even some unanswered questions that are deep within the Christian belief. In this book, many questions are answered, providing clarity for the confused mind. And unmistakable truth has put aside all the contradictory beliefs. These writings are revelations from God. Find out the true purpose and reason for the transfiguration of Jesus. A clear understanding of predestination has now been seen, and its clear that no one was saved from the foundation of the world. There are biblical proofs and illustrations that we can be righteous, holy, and perfect in this life. This is a fact, and without any uncertainty, there are intense proofs that we cannot be righteous and sinful at the same time. In his book, you will read that the mind and the brain are not the same and how man received the power of choice. Read how a caterpillar is a man of sin, the butterfly is man of righteousness, and the cocoon is the process of change, the repentance ground for transformation. These wordings will kindle a burning desire in your emotion and will alert your spiritual sense to act. It is a known fact that it is physical work that strengthens faith. You will also discover, as the writer sheds some light on one of the pressing questions that many Christians ask, whether or not the devil can read your mind. Get a copy of this book. There are many answers inside that will conclude many searches. Make the right decision and defeat the lack of knowledge.



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