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The included instructions give you ideas to conduct 7 magnetic experiments, including a Gravity Magnet, a Balance Magnet, a Bouncing Magnet, a Spinning Planet, a Magic Fish, a Magnetic Fishing and a Swirling Magnet. Let your inner inventor out of the box and build anything you can imagine! A series of experiments helps children learn first-hand how magnets behave and interact under different conditions. Your little scientist will ultimately put what theyve learned to good use in the future! With a strong emphasis on STEAM education, this experiment set helps kids build a solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics whilst having fun. Kids will also develop logical thinking and problem solving skills by way of trial and error.    The 34-piece set contains everything children as young as 4 need to conduct experiments. All components and tools are designed for their hands and skill levels. The smooth finish and round edges are a perfect fit for little fingers. To help children get started, Hape has released a "Know-how" APP, including a finished sample display and detailed instructions. They can also upload their masterpieces to the APPs GALLERY or post on social media.  Why does the magnet bounce off? How does one move the "fish" without direct contact? Creative experiments will stimulate your child's curiosity and reveal the secrets of magnetism.



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