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FART NINJAS XL are larger, 5" figures styled in awesome FART NINJAS armor. Hide your FART NINJA figure to surprise and disgust your unsuspecting target! Plan your attack with two different prank modes; either by using motion activation or by using the included ninja star remote control allowing you to "fart on demand" with the push of a button. If the 10 realistic fart sounds arent enough use the recording feature to record your own fart sounds for endless possibilities! Each FART NINJAS XL figure also includes two martial farts accessories. We call them Fart Ninjas. "Silent, Butt Deadly".
Record your own fart sounds!
Motion activated!
10 realistic fart sounds!
Surprise and disgust!
Includes remote control and two accessories!
Batteries Included
Free app features a Fart Ninja Photo Booth, Fart Mixer to create your own custom fart mixes, and Augmented Reality to bring your Fart Ninjas to life!
Variety of colours and styles available. Cannot be preselected at checkout.



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