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Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions


If you buy any product from Next Chapter Ltd. (“Next Chapter”) and find it being sold at a lower price by a Qualifying Competitor within 30 days of your purchase, you may qualify for the lowest price guarantee and receive 100% of the price difference in the form of Next Chapter store credit (the "Guarantee") subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Eligibility

    1. To qualify for the Guarantee, purchase any product sold from Next Chapter (“Eligible Product”). If you find the Eligible Product for a lower price from a Qualifying Competitor within 30 days of your purchase bring the flyer, advertisement, proof of offer or website address to the Next Chapter store for consideration and approval.

  2. Qualifying Competitors

    1. The Guarantee applies only to products sold by a retailer or authorised dealer located and trading within the Cayman Islands with a physical store (each, a “Qualifying Competitor”). Products purchased from web sites (such as, but not limited to, ecayTrade, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters or Indigo) do not qualify for the Guarantee 

  3. Comparable Offers

    1. The lower price you submit must be from a Qualifying Competitor's store (a "Comparable Offer"). The Comparable Offer must be for a product that is (i) exactly the same brand/product, model, style, edition and color as the Eligible Product, (ii) in-stock and available for immediate purchase in the Qualifying Competitor's store, and (iii) in new, unused, unopened condition (used, returned, refurbished, open-box and in-store display products are not eligible for the Guarantee). To qualify for the Guarantee, the Comparable Offer must not be due to an advertising error or misprint, special sale price, limited time offer or available only in limited quantity and must be in effect and not expired at the time Next Chapter attempts to verify it.

  4. Refunds

    1. If the price of a Comparable Offer is less than the price you paid for your Eligible Product and you meet any other terms and conditions of the Guarantee (as amended from time to time), Next Chapter will refund you the price difference in the form of Next Chapter store credit.

  5. Price Consideration

    1. The price of a Comparable Offer will be the price that a Qualifying Competitor has for a product available and advertised for sale and must be in Cayman Islands Dollars. A lower price for a Comparable Offer due to the application of a gift certificate, gift card, store credit, or a "buy one, get one" type promotion or other similar discounts or rebates will not qualify for the Guarantee.

  6. Limitations and Exclusions

    1. The Guarantee will only apply once per customer per Eligible Product, or as otherwise agreed at the discretion of the Next Chapter store manager, even if you find an even lower price after you've already submitted a claim. For example, you cannot submit multiple Guarantee claims on a single product. The Guarantee applies only to individual products purchased for personal use; products purchased for resale or commercial purposes, or in bulk, are not eligible

  7. Miscellaneous

    1. Next Chapter reserves the right to (i) deny Guarantee claims that are being submitted to intentionally abuse or circumvent the intent of the Guarantee, and (ii) modify these terms and conditions at any time.

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